Centrum Usług Logistycznych offers a wide portfolio of services within the network of hotels and training centers on Polish territory, specializing itself in the hospitality business, restaurant, catering and providing  training, conferences, seminars, and events. In particular, we take care of the highest quality of service and maintaining high standards of customer service at all sites of the Centrum Usług Logistycznych.

The 3 star hotels in Warsaw, numerous training centers - holiday and objects providing hotel services the Centrum Usług Logistycznych group members, are located throughout the Poland, constitute one of the largest accommodation base in the country with more than 2,000 seats, as well as, the  conference and banquet space with 35 rooms designed for arranging meetings for groups of 10 to 200 people.

In addition to hotels, restaurants, and training and recreation centers, Centrum Usług Logistycznych, also operates airport Warsaw-Babice designated for servicing the public and civilian aircraft. In addition, at the airport it is also  possible to organize mass events of a cultural nature, eg. Concerts for  audiences from  20 to 100 thousand spectators, or sport or trade events requiring large surface area. The vast space is also used on the photo, movie or advertising sessions. The concrete surface is also perfectly suited for safety training and improving  car driving techniques.

The Centrum Usług Logistycznych group also includes  the Fuel Station in Gorzów Wielkopolski, providing distribution services of the highest quality fuels.

The Centrum Usług Logistycznych was established in November 2010 at the initiative of the Chief of Police and the Ministry of Interior (formerly the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration ). The Ministry is the entity of  public finance sector  having legal personality and providing logistic support for activities of the Police and units of the Ministry of Interior.

All activities are based on the Order No 41 of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration dated November 9, 2010 on  the basis of Article 23 paragraph. 2 point. 1, of the Act of 27 August 2009 and of the Ordinance No. 1670 of the  Commander-in-Chief of the Police of 16 November 2010 - On the establishing of the statute of budget economy institution under the name "The Logistic Service Center".

Centrum Usług Logistycznych is managed  from Warsaw, and is administered by the Director of the CUL Centre.

Mr. Andrzej Kropiwiec
The Director of the Centrum Usług Logistycznych